Conference centers and multi-purpose rooms frequently hold different events, each with different set-ups and configurations. Due to its high degree of flexibility and ease of installation, the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System, with standard Wi-Fi technology, is perfect for these kind of applications. Because the system is wireless, it can also be installed, rearranged and operated in historical buildings with virtually no impact on the integrity of the location.


Standard Wi-Fi

The system is based on standard Wi-Fi according to the IEEE 802.11n standard, and operates in 2.4 and 5 GHz, meaning that the system is visible in the network, so that other Wi-Fi access points will recognize the DICENTIS Wireless Access Point (WAP) and can avoid using the same channel

Smart wireless

Smart Wireless Management allows the system to constantly monitor the availability and load of channels. When traffic increases it seamlessly and automatically switches to free channels, without interruption or interference.

Intuitive Interface

The Wireless discussion device with touchscreen has a user interface with a 4.3-inch capacitive touch-screen that is designed for fast, intuitive use. A company logo can be uploaded to customize the device, this is an appealing feature for organizations and rental companies. Next to this the device can be upgraded with additional software modules to expand its functionality, for example with voting or identification using NFC card. Furthermore, the user interface supports all standard international characters.


The WAP includes a built-in web browser that enables true wireless configuration and connection without the need for a wireless router, and provides extended functionality and tablet control with easy and intuitive user interface. Two WAPs can be set up to create wireless redundancy and maximize reliable communication and meeting continuity


This innovative conference system is ready for the unique IP-based OMNEO media networking architecture developed by Bosch. With a future software upgrade, the system can be added to DICENTIS Conference and other OMNEO devices.


Wireless devices

Two different devices are available: the Wireless discussion device and the Wireless discussion device with touchscreen.

Government-grade security

All wireless signals within the system are encrypted with WPA2, a highly secure standard encryption method used by mobile devices to guarantee protection against tapping or eavesdropping. As the system uses standard Wi-Fi, it can follow the WPA2 standards as they evolve. Connections to the system can be controlled by the available subscription mode, to allow wireless devices to be added easily to the system.

Camera control

Built-in support for automatic camera control of up to 6 Bosch HD Conference Dome cameras means there is no need for third-party software applications. Configuration of these cameras can be done via a built-in web browser. If only one camera is used, no additional hardware is required.

System control

A built-in web browser provides extended functionality and control. True wireless connectivity enables direct connection to the WAP with any tablet or laptop and without the need for additional equipment, such as a router.

Acoustic excellence

Advanced audio processing enables the microphone and loudspeaker to be active at the same time, resulting in a face-to-face meeting experience. The system also makes use of built-in and intelligent Acoustic Feedback Suppression developed by Bosch. It automatically adapts itself to the environment and maximizes speech intelligibility when higher volumes are required.

Continuous audio

Packet Loss Concealment allows the system to automatically predict what a damaged or lost packet should be and fills the gap, resulting in continuous audio without losses. This is a unique capability that no other competitive product offers.


System flexibility

  • Based on standard Wi-Fi for easy integration and use of standard IT tools, and co-existence with other Wi-Fi networks.
  • User-friendly operation due to easy and Intuitive Web browser with features like microphone control, visual battery status, visual signal strength, …
  • Unique and convenient, software configurable, interchangeable devices: delegate/chairperson and dual discussion with mute function for each participant.

System continuity

  • Zero audio interference: Packet Loss Concealment, seamless frequency switching, Smart Wireless Management.
  • Wireless WAP redundancy for meeting continuity.
  • Government grade security using WPA2 encryption.

Meeting experience

  • Superb sound and speech quality with a face-to-face meeting experience due to intelligent built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression.
  • Easy battery management: removable lithium-ion long life battery packs (up to 24 hours) with short charging time


This new system is perfect for rental companies and applications in multi-purpose rooms and historical buildings where a flexible wireless solution offers significant advantages.

Multi-purpose room

Conference centers and multi-purpose rooms frequently hold different events, each with different set-ups and configurations.

Due to its high degree of flexibility and ease of installation, the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System is perfect for these kinds of applications. It’s easy to set up, remove after use, and re-arrange in another room. This ensures that rooms and equipment can be used in the most profitable and efficient way.

Historical building

The DICENTIS Wireless Conference System can be installed, re-arranged and operated with virtually no impact on the integrity of a historical building. No cables have to be laid or holes drilled. This avoids concerns about damaging the building or ruining the aesthetics of a historically significant venue.

For applications where flexibility is required, the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System is the perfect solution. It is even easy to transport to off-site meetings.

Rental companies

DICENTIS Wireless is the best investment for rental companies for now and in the future. The system can be installed quick and easy, so valuable time is saved. The equipment can be transported in specially made high quality lightweight, sturdy transport cases to protect during transit.

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