With over 20.000 installed systems worldwide, PRAESIDEO is the most established solution for demanding public address and emergency voice evacuation applications. Superb sound quality, operational versatility and a program of continuous enhancements ensure PRAESIDEO leads the market.


Digital versatility

Bosch PRAESIDEO is the world’s first fully digital, networked, public address and emergency sound system. The system’s unique optical network offers total freedom in system design, interference-free audio and a high level of redundancy that traditional systems cannot offer. It is fully programmable, and interfaces with other security systems. PRAESIDEO redefines the boundaries of quality, flexibility and reliability.


The decentralized network architecture of Bosch PRAESIDEO facilitates simple ‘daisychain’ interconnections. Units can be added or removed as required for total freedom of configuration.

IP connectivity

To support longer distances or multi-site applications, PRAESIDEO provides supervised communication using CobraNetTM or OMNEO/ DanteTM in a Local Area Network (LAN). The system can even be used in a multi-subnet Wide Area Network (WAN), using Voice over IP technology on networks with limited bandwidth, or using OMNEO Audio over IP for multi- channel, high quality, low latency, perfectly synchronized interconnections.


The network can be configured as a ‘redundant loop’ for extra reliability. This ensures that even a physical break in the fiber-optic cable won’t affect operation – critical for uninterrupted operation in emergency sound systems. To increase the system reliability even more, also other system elements can have a backup or spare device, up to the level of the network controller.

The OMNEO interfaces support Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) for automatic recovery of IP-audio connections when a network link would fail.

EVAC certified

Bosch Building Technologies offers a total commitment to certification.

PRAESIDEO is EN 54-16 and ISO 7240-16 certified. Furthermore, it is compliant to many local evacuation standards.

To guarantee EVAC compliancy, installation must also be carried out according to exacting standards. Bosch runs a certified partner program with trained installers to add extra assurance that these requirements are met.


System design

  • Unique optical network offers total freedom in system design
  • Interfaces with other security systems
  • 28 dynamically assigned digital audio channels
  • Routing to a virtually unlimited number of zones
  • Audio interfaces to CobraNet and OMNEO/Dante

System control

  • Fully programmable
  • Digital message management
  • Monitors system, control, amplifier operation, microphones
  • Checks loudspeaker line integrity and individual loudspeakers
  • Call recording and forwarding
  • Extensive logging of calls and fault events

System operation

  • Interference-free audio
  • High level of redundancy
  • Background music (BGM)
  • Voice alarm applications
  • PRAESIDEO is certified according to EN54-16 and ISO 7240-16



The system is straightforward to configure and re-configure, either locally or remotely, facilitating a quick response to changes. With the PRAESIDEO Logging software, logging information of multiple systems can be accessed for remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Ease of operation

The Bosch PRAESIDEO products are easy to operate. Operators require very little explanation to competently use PRAESIDEO. Even the biggest systems are easy to operate via a PC or touch screen using the system’s open interface.

Cost effective

Bosch PRAESIDEO offers low cost of ownership. New or upgraded installations are highly cost effective thanks to its dual public address and voice alarm functionality, expandability, modular architecture and programmable flexibility. PRAESIDEO’s high reliability guarantees lower maintenance costs.


PRAESIDEO is an open platform that communicates with other Bosch systems (building management and fire-alarm systems) and with third-party solutions, such as passenger-information systems.


PRAESIDEO is the perfect solution for complex applications. It’s a fully digital system capable of handling even the biggest international airport. The public address and emergency sound system for an airport must deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Spoken messages must be intelligible even in zones with high background noise, like baggage handling areas.

Cruise Ships

PRAESIDEO is the perfect public address system to create a pleasant atmosphere for cruise ship passengers and ensure their safety in the event of an evacuation. Flexibility is guaranteed with a virtually unlimited number of zones and high number of audio channels, each with local source and volume control.


PRAESIDEO is the perfect solution for large venues with many zones such as stadiums. It handles message routing, public announcements, emergency voice evacuation, commentary for events and background music. PRAESIDEO also features advanced signal processing for perfect speech intelligibility.

Shopping Centers

PRAESIDEO is easily configured to meet the voice alarm, background music (BGM) and message requirements of large shopping centers. Its cost-effective system architecture uses a “daisy-chain” network topology, which allows system units to be located at any point on the network. Future expansion without major restructuring is possible.


PRAESIDEO is the perfect solution for larger applications with several locations, such as universities. It handles message routing (paging), emergency voice evacuation, local amplification for lecture theaters, commentary for sports events and background music in the catering zone.


PRAESIDEO is the ideal solution for effective sound management in large mosques. The world over, mosques stand proudly in cities and towns. They vary from small single-storey buildings to complexes with classrooms, offices, minarets, gateways and domes. Public address in a mosque is primarily for amplifying prayers

Public and Office buildings

PRAESIDEO, with its extensive possibilities for integration, multi-zone functionality, standards compliance, and superb sound and speech reproduction, meets all the requirements for medium- and large-scale buildings for their voice evacuation systems. To improve safety and reduce response times, the system is often linked to the building’s fire detection system. That way, public alarms and voice evacuation programs can be initiated automatically, as soon as a fire is detected.

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